Director of Creative

Q&A: What education and experiences have contributed to what you do?

I love drawing, but I also love math; it’s a great balance to the subjective nature of art.  And that’s really the root of what I love about interactive design – you get the creative side when designing, and the mathematical side when building. 

Rett is Clockwork’s Director of Creative. His love for drawing is reflected everywhere, from the mural in the Clockwork lounge to the custom t-shirts he designs each year for the MS150. His formal background in graphic design helps him channel his creative energies into his true passion: creativity in the digital space. Rett loves watching his designs come to life in digital form in everything from web sites and apps to augmented reality and new technologies.

One thing to know about him: he starts every project with pencil and paper, no matter the challenge. Rett’s also a fan of craft beer and responsible transportation, starting both and in his spare time. He’s also one of the most die-hard cyclists on staff – riding his bike in wind, rain, and – of course – sun.